The management top 1000 sites

International trade

General sites and portals, International trade magazines, Foreign markets by country and sector, Export techniques, Customs information

Note : see also the commerce and transportation sections


French-speaking law portals , International law portals, Texts and sources of the law, Legal current events, Public law, European law, International law, Business law, Intellectual and industrial property law


Internet and E-business portals, E-commerce, E-Marketing, E-Communication and e-publicity, Net surfer behavior, Law and information technologies

Note : see also the Computer and telecommunications sections


Economic analysis, Rapports, Studies and international economic data, International economics and globalization, Corruption, money laudering and tax havens

Small businesses

General resources for business people, Management of SMEs, Company creation, Financial aids to companies, Venture capital, Franchise

Accounting and finance

Corporate current events, Standardization, Certification and total quality, Accounting standards, Accountancy and Auditing, Corporate finance, Management cost control, Taxation, Financial corporate information

Financial markets

Portals and financial search engines, Stock Exchanges and financial markets , Financial current events , Stock exchange news and advices, Currencies and exchange rates, Euro, Financial advisors

Note : see also the banking and insurance sections

Human resource management

French-speaking documentary resources, Human resource portals and sites directories, Human resource management current events, Training, Wages, Recruitment, Expatriation and international mobility, Human resource managers networks

Marketing and publicity

Marketing portals and general sites, Consumption, Brand policies, Direct marketing, Sales romotion, CRM, Publicity, Communication, Industrial m arketing

Note : see also the medias and journalism sections


Apprenticeship, Temp work, Telework, Labour law, Studies and statistics, Safety and work conditions, Industry relations, Psychosociology

International Relations

Human rights, Geopolitic international relations, European institutions, NGO directories and international action, Resources for development, Ecology and environment


Countries general data, Statistical data, Demography, Socio-cultural and tourist information, Folklores and habits

Note : see also the useful services section

Strategy and Management

Management current events, Knowledge management, Economic Intelligence, Strategy, Management and leadership

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