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Agriculture et food processing

Portals of the agricultural world , Actors of the agricultural world, Food processing portals, Food processing Import-export

Building and Construction

Architecture, Building industry, Construction, Real estate , Housing, habitat and town planning

Commerce and retail trade

Trade and distribution, Purchasing and procurement, Sales professions, Retail and wholesole distribution, E-marketplaces

Note : see also the trade and business section

Energy and natural resources

Energy portals, Nuclear energy, Oil and gas resources, Paper, hard paper, wood and packaging

Consumption goods

Luxury sector, Cosmetics and beauty, Fashion, Textile and clothing, Other consumption goods

Computer industry and Telecommunications

Actors of the computer industry, Computer hardware and technologies, Current events of the hi-tec sector, Internet, Telecommunications

Note : see also the e-business section

Heavy Industries

General sites about industry, Aeronautics, Métallurgy, Automotive industry , Mechanics, Chemistry and plasturgy, Military and defense

Medias and journalism

Portals and current events of the medias , Journalism and press agencies, French-speaking press, International Press, Televisions, Radios, The audiovisual sector, Multimedia, Audiovisual medias

Note : see also the marketing and publicity section

Art professions, leisures and tourism

Graphic arts and design, Music, theatre and cinema, Sports, leisures and relaxation, Tourism portals, Main actors of the tourism sector, Cafés-Hotels-Restaurants

Note : see also the society and useful services sections

Health and Environment

Environment, Waste treatment , Health, Medicine, Pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry, Biotechnologies

Public sector, education and research

Government and governmental organizations, Administration and public management, Public tenders, Research and innovation, Research organizations

Note : see also the students, law and international relations sections

Financial services and consulting

Banking sector, Insurance industry, Consulting, Sectorial analyses, reports and studies

Note : see also the finance de marché and expertise comptable et financière sections

Transportation and logistics

Logistics and procurement, Portals of transportation, Air transportation, Railway transportation, Road transportation, Maritime and fluvial transportation

Note : see also the trade and business section

Note : For a more comprehensive research, we advice you to browse the professional portals directories, the multi-sectors portals and the firms directories.

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