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Merit Scholarship for MBA Program: PGSM awards scholarship for those candidates, who have shown academic excellence. The Scholarship Committee takes into account the candidate's academic record & TOEFL score for the EMBA Program and for the LAMBA Program. To be considered for a merit scholarship, please do so in the relevant criteria. Scholarship can run up to 2500 euros. Qualified students in financial need may also request consideration for a scholarship.

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The Socrates/Erasmus Program: Run by the European Commission in Brussels, the program's intent is to promote and increase student studying abroad in Europe (Europe is understood as Western and Eastern Europe) through exchange programs between universities. The Socrates/Erasmus Program does provide students financial aid or grants, amounting to 50 Euros minimum, although it varies according to the destination and length of stay.

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The ESG is also a partner in the FACE Program (Program for Continued Education for Commerce Abroad), financed by the French Ministry for the Economy, Finance and Industry (Department for Exterior Relations) and coordinated by the FNEGE (National Fund for Business Management Education). The idea is to encourage students to do long-term internships abroad to increase their experience abroad. In the framework of this program, students can apply for FACE scholarships as long as they complete a full six month internship in a (non-French) company abroad.

The OFAJ (the Franco-German Youth Office) also offers grants for students who decide to do an internship or a language course in German.


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