You want to do an MBA program: MBA degrees, very well known in the United States, have become international standards. Of course, you may take these courses in the United States or in the United Kingdom. Therefore, the question is: why do an MBA program in Paris? Let me explain why this atypical choice is the right decision, professionally and personally speaking.


Paris is in the heart of the European Union

The European Union is one of the most powerful economic entity in the world, where cultural richness is exceptional. Paris is one the centres of the European Union and is close to all the big European capitals. It is the city of international business, of culture, of leisure, of tourism. It is also the city in Europe that counts the highest number of conferences.

Studying in a MBA in Paris is a privilege that opens up new horizons. Paris is the centre for international affairs, therefore, it offers highly qualified managers who will pass on their experience in the classroom with other highly regarded academics from countries such as France, Great-Britain and the United States.

Our international graduate programs and students create an exciting environment which prepare our graduates for successful doctorate and post-graduate studies and careers, not only in Europe but also in the whole world. Our graduates are ready to face the 21st century realities of professional life.

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